Today’s dbcdb projects:

  • Improve the appearance of pages with long fields: now the long field doesn’t get forced to start on the next line. I’d hoped this would fix the Internet Explorer problem, but it doesn’t (though it improves it): for reasons that I haven’t yet investigated, I have to have the key float: left to get its width to stick, which triggers the IE bug.
  • I removed the ‘own’ field. Which was my first bit of database tweaking; yay.
  • I downgraded all ratings by one. Which was my second bit of database tweaking; yay. (Though I didn’t tweak the database in the most stylish way possible.) Definitely a good idea: it turned out that I hadn’t rated any books as 1, and I’d only rated one game as 1.

No particular lessons that I learned; it was all pretty straightforward.

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