I would seem to be in a quiet mood these days. Not feeling much like blogging, not feeling much like programming at home. Maybe because I’ve been programming a fair amount at work; I was worried that, with the new larger group, I’d have almost no programming time, but now that things have settled down (pleasantly!), that is fortunately not the case. (Incidentally, H.264 is charmingly eccentric. Or something.)

Part of the reason, too, is that Okami is tiptop stunning excellent. So I spent all of last weekend playing it, several evenings playing it, and am doing pretty well this weekend so far. I don’t think I’ll quite finish it this weekend, but next weekend certainly. So I guess the game isn’t going to fill the gap until the Wii launch after all; what next? Lego Star Wars II?

Another possibility: I could just not play video games for a month and a half. I would seem to be in a bookish mood these days; or I could spend more time programming. Or spend more timing thinking about stuff and writing about stuff. (Combined with the bookish bit above.)

The latter is increasingly attractive. My thoughts on some of the matters that I’ve been obsessing on over the last few years are starting to settle down. And I’m being reminded (e.g. by helping out with the PACT Parent Ed classes) that there’s stuff that I used to spend a lot of time thinking about that I haven’t recently revisited. So maybe it’s time to, say, go through the complete works of Alfie Kohn (who has a new book out, I should read it) and John Holt and see what, if any, points of contact they have with what I’ve been thinking about recently. Or maybe I should try to actually put some thinking tools into action. Or maybe I should spend every waking hour reading about lean. Or maybe I should spend time thinking about whether my actions are congruent with my stated beliefs and, if not, why not.

Or maybe I should play video games. That would certainly be easier…

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