I signed up for Netflix today. It fits in well with my current philosophies; the reason why I’d been holding off was that Liesl and I don’t watch movies very often, and we have a fair number of unwatched movies around. So we wanted to go through the backlog first.

But it’s becoming clear that much of that should simply be treated as sunk cost: maybe we’ll watch them, maybe we won’t, but we shouldn’t let it stand in the way of watching movies that we’re more interested in. So I bought a copy of the first volume of Haibane Renmei last week; after buying that, I realized that I wasn’t sure that I’d want to watch it over and over again, so why did I buy it instead of renting it? Oops. Having said that, we did enjoy it, and I could imagine buying the later volumes at some point, but for now signing up for Netflix and renting the rest of the volumes sounds like a better idea to me – for the cost of the remaining volumes, I could get seven months of a 1-DVD-at-a-time-Netflix subscription instead. (There are also a few other anime series that I’d like to dip into without spending hundreds of dollars.)

We’ll see how it goes, but I’m optimistic; and if that causes us to shift more of our free time to watching movies, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m curious how their series management works; it looks like you can sign up for an entire series at once, and I hope that, if I do that, it will be smart enough to make sure to always send me volumes in order. So if, say, I’ve finished volume 1, and volume 2 is unavailable but 3 is available, it will wait instead of sending me volume 3.

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