I’m currently running Fedora Core 5 on my home machine. FC6 is out; following a sage reader suggestion, I’m going to reinstall the OS (in a larger drive) rather than do a simple upgrade.

Which means that I could almost as easily switch distros. So: stick to FC6, or switch to Ubuntu? I’m actually quite happy with Fedora Core, and I know where everything is. (Whereas I always have to poke around when I use a debian-based system.) But lots of people are really happy with Ubuntu, and it seems to have legs. (I’m willing to consider other distros, but I’d be shocked if I went with anything else.)

Background: the architecture is x86_64; it’s not a laptop, so I don’t care about wireless or sleep. (Well, I don’t care too much – I do occasionally run Linux on laptops, so I wouldn’t complain if that stuff worked.) My base criteria:

  • I don’t want to switch distros for the next several years.
  • I want regular new OS releases, no less frequent than, say, once a year.
  • I want a constant stream of automatic updates. (Actually, if this could remove the need for new releases, so much the better, but I don’t think anybody’s there yet.)
  • I want it to be painless to install new software by using yum or apt-get or their moral equivalent.

I’m not sure exactly what I want on top of the base criteria; it should look nice, it should be easy to use, there should be a sensible choice of default software available.


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