I’ve finally finished backing up all my CDs which are filed under the letter B. Of which there turn out to be 176, approximately a third of the collection. The distribution:

panini$ ls | cut -f1 -d- | uniq -c | sort -rn
     62 bach
     29 beethoven
     24 britten
     14 beatles
     10 brubeck
     10 berio
      6 bartok
      5 bruckner
      4 brahms
      2 bobs
      2 biber
      2 bernstein
      2 berg
      1 bush
      1 blue
      1 blades
      1 ben

Most of which are obvious, but some notes: “bach” includes two by P.D.Q. Bach; “bush” is Kate Bush, “blue” is Blue Scholars, “blades” is Ruben Blades, “ben” is Jorge Ben. (The latter two being Liesl’s, actually, so I’m less familiar with them.)

I wonder if Bach by himself will beat out all other letters of the alphabet? My guess is that S will edge him out; we shall see.

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