I haven’t kept up my go book collection recently, but I was once a serious go book collector: as far as I can tell, I have copies of all but five books in go that were published in English before the year 2000.

I am pleased to report that the list is now down to four: I have acquired a copy of Goh or Wei Chi, self-published by Horace F. Cheshire in 1911. Didn’t cost too much, too – I just had to wait a decade for a copy to show up on sale at AbeBooks.

If any of you has a copy of Sakata’s Tesuji, something called Go: Rules of the Game (author unknown, published by Hausemann and Hotte), Kumabe’s Let’s Play Go Today, or Slomann’s The Game of I-Go, please let me know. I’d also be happy to acquire a copy of Iwamoto’s Go Para Principiantes, an apparently laughably bad Spanish translation of Go for Beginners.

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