Some songs from Striking 12 came up in shuffle mode on the way to day care earlier this week, and Miranda decided she wanted to listen to more of it. So we’ve been making our way through the album.

Some rhymes I was amused by, both from “Resolution”:

What’s there to celebrate about?
I’d rather stay at home and grout
My shower stall than watch the ball:
I won’t go out.

I ask you: what’s not to enjoy?
My cat, my couch, no hoi polloi.
I don’t need my coat, just my remote
And my La-Z-Boy.

A very good band, to the extent that I find them rather frustrating: there are stretches where I love the lyrics (for both wordplay and story reasons), where I love the tunes, where I love the instrumentation, where I love the way they use their voices. And even stretches where they put all that together. But there are also a surprising number of songs (given the quality of their peaks) that just don’t click for me. If they were just a bit more consistent, I would be happy to shout their name from the rooftops; as is, I’ll happily recommend Striking 12, at least. (Their latest, A Little Midsummer Night’s Music, didn’t do anything for me on first hearing, alas.)

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