I finally got around to upgrading my Ultra 20 from .5GB to 1.5GB. Sun’s web site wasn’t very useful in trying to understand the machine’s somewhat picky requirements (something about the Opteron memory controller requires matching DIMMs, I believe), but fortunately Crucial’s excellent memory finder was up to the task.

As with the x2100, the DIMM slots were pretty stiff; I would have been nervous I was about to break either the DIMM or the motherboard if I hadn’t gone through this before.

Kind of amazing that I’ve survived more than a year with only .5GB of memory and with rarely running into much swapping, especially given that I run it 64-bit native. Or maybe not: it’s not like I’m doing much with the computer that I wasn’t doing with computers a decade ago. And .5GB of memory is 10,000 times as much memory as my first computer, though that one was admittedly not up to running Emacs or a web browser.

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