I just accepted an invitation from a coworker on LinkedIn; when I did so, it presented me with a list of “People You May Know”.

The creepy thing was that I do in fact know about half of them, but I can’t figure out how LinkedIn knows that. If it could go through my address book or e-mail, it could find those names, but I would hope that my web browser wouldn’t have access to my .bbdb file or my Gnus save folder, and even if it did it wouldn’t know what to do with them. (At least the former.) Many of the names are familiar from Yahoo groups; do they have some deal with Yahoo where they share that information? Is there some other mechanism that I’m missing? They could try crawling from my web pages, but I don’t see how they’d find most of those names that way, either. Or they could just search the web in general for e-mails where one of us replies to the other? Very odd.

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