I got a look at my school district’s new report card. Most of the items are now grouped under the heading “Lifelong Learning Skills”; specifically, the group contains the following entries:

  • Listens in class
  • Follows directions
  • Works independently
  • Works neatly
  • Completes work on time
  • Accept [sic] responsibility
  • Respects classmates
  • Respects authority
  • Uses time wisely
  • Communicates effectively
  • Works collaboratively

A quiz for my gentle readers (or, even better, my snarky readers): which of these items

  1. Support life-long learning?
  2. Actively work against life-long learning?
  3. Are neutral towards life-long learning?
  4. Could be interpreted in ways that either support or hinder life-long learning, but guess which way teachers are going to interpret them?

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