One advantage Amazon’s new mp3 store has over iTunes: if there’s a song I like, I can just link to it. I believe that the iTunes store is addressible via URLs, but it’s not the same: the URL isn’t sitting there at the top of my browser window, and even if it were, I couldn’t count on my readers being able to do anything with it.

Not that Amazon’s store is perfect: I finished that sentence without finding enough songs that I wanted to link to. (Which is pretty pathetic, given its length.) But at least I now have a source for Herbert Grönemeyer’s music in the U.S.! And it could have been worse: a grand total of one of them (Herr Grönemeyer noch mal) is available sans DRM on the iTunes store.

Some of the latter, no doubt, is due to business negotiations that my poor little brain can’t understand, but much of it is due to the fact that Apple, for its own mysterious reasons, apparently doesn’t sell DRM-free versions of independent music. Which, in turn, I’ve been listening to more over the last couple of years because, when I was looking for new music podcasts, I stumbled upon one that only plays independent music, I’m sure at least partly because the major labels don’t give them any other legal options.

Go addressability; go accessibility.

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