I was in Japantown in SF today, and picked up copies of Tales of Earthsea and Ocean Waves. (Both in Japanese, with English subtitles available.) The former of which I’m wondering about: no booklet, bad printing, claims to be region 1, and now that I’m poking around, I’m not convinced that there is a legitimate region 1 version available? We’ll see what the video/presentation quality is when I play it…

The latter is region 2; now I have to figure out how to play it as well. I’m planning to use my Mac for that; my options are:

  1. Use an external DVD drive, set to region 2.
  2. Use the internal DVD drive, with software that can read from all regions.
  3. Use the internal DVD drive, set to region 2.
  4. Use the internal DVD drive, with new firmware.

Which is more or less the current order that I’m planning to try them in: I have an external DVD drive around, so I might as well set it to region 2, but if I have to end up setting the internal DVD drive to region 2, no big deal – I don’t plan to start watching DVDs on it in general, and if I change my mind later, the machine will let me change regions back to region 1.

Still looking for a copy of Only Yesterday. I was thinking about doing an order from Amazon Japan soon; I guess I’ll just throw it on that.

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