Sun gives us the week from Christmas to New Year’s as a holiday; this year, those days fall on Tuesdays, and they’re giving us Christmas Eve as well. And we’re not going anywhere over Christmas, nor is anybody visiting us.

This means that I have eleven solid days at home with no demands on my time. Has that happened since I left academia? I’ve certainly taken two-week vacations before, but those involved flying somewhere. And then there was the time I missed three weeks of work because of a flu that turned into pneumonia, but this break from work will (I hope!) be different. (Less vomit, for one.)

The mind boggles at the number of things that I could possibly do. In fact, I’m kind of scared of making a list or plans, because if I start, I will make one that is too long for me to accomplish even in that vast expanse of time, which will lead to disappointment. Some reading, some programming, some blogging, probably a fair amount of video game playing, probably a noticeable amount of going through long saved items in the feed reader. (Even if I keep my blog reading time constant, the amount of incoming posts will probably decrease.) And, of course, hanging out with my delightful daughter. (But she is eight years old, which means that she won’t be demanding my attention as frequently as she would have when she was younger.)

I am looking forward to it. Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy my job, but it is nice to be able to dive into a somewhat broader range of my interests at times.

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