They’re reprinting Zot!. Well, most if it: they’re only reprinting the black-and-white strips. (Found via Andrew Wheeler.)

This is somewhat old news; I wanted to reread the series first, in particular the color issues, before lamenting the partial reprint. After all, we’ve been through reprinting threequarters of the series before! I’m glad that they’re reprinting a different three-quarters of it this time, both so that people will be able to find the whole series a bit more easily and because the last quarter is pretty special. But the first quarter is pretty special, too! (Hmm, which quarter would I prefer that they leave out, if they were compelled to do so for some strange reason? The second, I guess.)

According to Publishers Weekly, the partial publication is “a creative decision by Scott”; sigh. Having said that, I don’t want to read too much into this; if the black-and-white reprint sells well, there will probably be a fair amount of lobbying to see the rest, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave in: I would think he’d have to be extremely thin-skinned / self-conscious to be actively embarrassed by the early issues.

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