Half a year or so ago, I retrieved my Nintendo 64 from a friend’s house, since I thought Miranda might enjoy some of the games on it. The one she settled on was Harvest Moon 64, a delightful little farming simulator. So, when Christmas came by, I thought she might want another Harvest Moon; I was interested in Rune Factory, but when she read the reviews, she (correctly, I suspect) thought that she would prefer Harvest Moon DS.

So we got her a copy of that, she’s been playing it off and on. (She doesn’t focus on one game the way I do, so she’s still playing both Harvest Moon games, both Animal Crossing games, and occasional spurts of other games.)

And then Liesl was bored last weekend, and picked it up. And now, every evening, I’m sitting here reading blogs while Liesl is next to me gathering wood to build a barn so she’ll be able to successfully woo the archaeologist, or something like that. Pretty convenient, actually, since it means we don’t have to fight for the computer. (Though it’s a good thing this week was a vacation week from school, because we’ve stayed up rather later than was wise on a few occasions.)

But I feel a bit left out of the fun! Harvest Moon DS only has two save slots (why?, why?); then again, I think I’d probably prefer Rune Factory, so if I really wanted to join in, I’d be better off buying a copy of that game instead. (Plus, we have two DSes, a fat one and a lite one, so it would avoid an unnecessary bottleneck if we had two games to play.) The truth is, though, that Eternal Sonata is taking up all my video game time (especially since we have too many series we’re in the middle of watching on TV), and there are other games I’d rather play on the DS when time frees up. (E.g. when we next go on vacation.)

But it is nice being surrounded by farmers. And I’ll join them eventually: it’s a charming series.

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