I’ve been in a state of disillusioned disconnect about presidential elections for the last 15 years or so. (I was excited about Bill Clinton; that lasted until he made a 180 degree turn on his campaign promises within days of being elected.) To some extent, I was wrong about that: I underestimated George W. Bush’s insanity and evil, he really is an opponent where being the lesser of two evils leaves an awful lot of playing room. (Not that that’s the end of the story; I can’t come up with a happy view of what the country and world would be like if Al Gore had been elected in 2000.) But disconnected I was nonetheless.

Ever since the first primaries, though, I’ve been surprised to find myself caring about this election more and more; my party registration didn’t allow me to vote in the California Democratic primary, and for the first time I rather regretted that. In particular, quite to my surprise, I’m starting to get more and more actively hopeful about an Obama presidency.

I’m sure those hopes will be dashed soon enough. In the mean time, I present Lawrence Lessig’s views on the matter:

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