I recently learned that a Bay Area Go Players Association has been created, with the goal of ensuring that there’s at least one go tournament a month in the bay area. (And, so far, they seem to generally be holding their tournaments quite close to where I live.) I missed the first tournament, but the second one was this weekend, so I played a game of go for the first time since last summer.

Quite pleasant. Too many handicap games, and it was a bit odd having my AGA number of 6269 mark me as the person other than the organizer who’d been an AGA member the longest. And I didn’t do too well giving handicap stones; clearly I should be more careful in the future. But I had a lot of fun, and I’m planning to go again: going to the go club every week is a bit much for me, but playing in a tournament once a month (unless I have something else going on that weekend) sounds about right. And I think I’m doing a better job of trying to look at the board strategically; if I can build on that, I’ll enjoy the games even more.

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