I just signed up for Twitter. (Should I capitalize the T or not? Hmm, looks like I should.) I mostly did that not because I want to start using it now but rather because I can imagine wanting to use it in the future, and, if I do so, I’d prefer to have a relatively readable URI. But some experiences recently in the red-bean IRC room got me thinking that I like getting little status updates from my friends; that IRC room is far too high a volume (at times) for subscribing to it to be a good idea for me, but Twitter could be a good alternative.

So I’m open to the idea of using it. Which means that I need two things:

  • Friends who use it, so I have somebody to follow.
  • Good clients for both Linux and Mac.

Presumably I can figure out the latter easily enough myself (though I’m open to suggestions, especially on the Linux front); can my blog readers provide me with a critical mass of the former?

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