My bookshelves have been getting tight, so I just wandered through the house, and found about a hundred books to give away. Given the frequency with which I’m using the library these days, that should give me a good couple of years more space on the shelves, I hope.

I would seem to be ready to give up on much of the random fiction that I acquired during grad school. I’m still hanging on to more of my academic books than I should, though: I didn’t select any math books to discard, or any Sanskrit/Pali/Indian studies books. (I’m certainly not about to give away my 45-volume edition of the Pali canon, what with the stylish elephants on the spine! But other stuff I could probably stand to give away.) Also, I somewhat surprised myself by giving away some books by some authors while keeping other books by those same authors: in the past, I’ve been more of a select-by-author person.

Incidentally, for what it’s worth, this is the sort of blog post that I’m not sure I would have made in my pre-twitter days. But giving away books seemed to meet the twitter-worthy threshold; and when I thought about it a bit more, I decided I had more than 140 characters that I felt like saying on the subject. A good thing, I guess?

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