I dipped into Rock Band 2 a bit more today. Miranda wasn’t in the mood, so I went through a few solo challenges; it turns out that the various marathon challenges provide a tour through all the songs on the disk, so my previous concerns are at least somewhat unfounded.

I wasn’t planning to be obsessive about achievements, but when playing through Pretend We’re Dead I only missed the very last note before the big rock ending. (Grr. I didn’t check, did they change the rhythm up a bit there?) So of course I had to go through that song again, and completed it the next time; it’s easy enough (regular rhythm, no fast notes) as long as you’re comfortable with chord changes. After which I browsed through the achievements list a bit more, and noticed the one about creating a logo; that was a surprising amount of fun, I was quite impressed by the options there. I don’t have a high-quality version of Kiss Me Kate’s logo available, unfortunately, but you can see a woefully shrunken version in the bottom right below:

(The picture was taken via my profile page on the game’s web site, by the way.)

So much to do: so many songs to play, so much more of the main band tour mode to play (ideally with Miranda), so many more challenges, and I haven’t begun to dip into online play (whether cooperative or competitive) or downloadable content. (Other than Still Alive.) I also haven’t yet tried any instrument other than guitar (or the new drum trainer mode) on this iteration; I have every intention to try to play guitar and vocals together as well, but I’ll need to work up to that first.

My twitter feed is full of love for Fable 2, Far Cry 2, and Fallout 3; I may eventually give all of those games a try, and in fact I’m quite looking forward to the first one, but at this point I have a hard time imagining any of them displacing my love for this game.

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