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Archives for February, 2009

persona 3

I’d heard a lot about Persona 3 over the last year, and was torn: on the one hand, it sounded both good and interestingly different, but on the other hand, people reported it as taking 70-100 hours to finish. So it kept on never quite making it to the top of the list to play: […]

ipod going south

My iPod Nano has served me well over the last few years (though I could live without its habit of freezing on me after syncing), but it seems to be reaching the end of its life span. The menu button had been slightly iffy for a while, but not enough to be a real annoyance; […]

too organized?

There’s been a lot of discussion of clean code over the last few weeks in mailing lists and blogs that I read: see e.g. this post by Ron Jeffries. Which set up an interesting resonance with this paragraph that I ran across today in David Allen’s latest GTD book: Can you be too organized? Not […]

old passport photos

I was going through my drawers and ran across some old passports; I thought that people who know what I look like now might find them amusing. My passport photos from 1981 and 1988: It’s a good thing that that last passport was only valid for five years, because towards the end of traveling on […]

gdc recommendations?

I’m planning to go to the Game Developer’s Conference next month, if for no other reason than to hang out with some other bloggers; the early registration deadline is approaching, so I’m trying to figure out what the best option is. Possibilities I’m considering: Don’t actually attend at all: just drive up on Thursday evening […]