I’m planning to go to the Game Developer’s Conference next month, if for no other reason than to hang out with some other bloggers; the early registration deadline is approaching, so I’m trying to figure out what the best option is. Possibilities I’m considering:

  • Don’t actually attend at all: just drive up on Thursday evening to have dinner with people.
  • The Expo Pass: I’d be able to go for some or all of Wednesday-Friday, but wouldn’t have access to most of the talks.
  • The Main Conference Pass: Full access Wednesday-Friday, including lots of talks but not the summits / tutorials on Monday and Tuesday.
  • The All Access Pass: No end of options from Monday-Friday.

Advice, especially from those who have been there before? If any of you are planning to attend, which days are you planning to be there?

(And no, I’m not a game developer. I don’t have any immediate plans to become one—I like my current job—but I’m somewhat curious about what the field is like on the inside as well as the outside.)

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