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Archives for September, 2009

beatles microphone recommendations?

The one flaw I’m seeing so far in the Beatles game is its microphone support. I really want to try out the vocal harmonies, but I don’t have many suitable devices around the house: I have two Xbox headsets, but the game only supports USB mics, and I have a USB headset for Skype usage, […]

random links: september 21, 2009

Really, everybody should have their own domain these days. Rands on Your People. Cave photos. (Via 25 Times a Second.) A handy list of Rails security tips, and a lesson on timing attacks. Sections. Tetris meets Magic Eye. (Via Offworld.) Being a blogger. A different look at the Beatles. (Via @dan_schmidt.) Two on programming hardware, […]

big surf island

I very much enjoy the VGHVI game nights on Thursday evenings (we’re playing the Beatles game this week, by the way), but they don’t interact well with my normal style of going through games. I have to budget my game play time fairly strictly; since I normally like to go through games in depth, this […]

art style: boxlife

Art Style: Boxlife, like the last game I talked about, is a short puzzle concept game with a mix of set-piece puzzles and random input puzzles. This time, though, the mixture is treated in a more traditional fashion, by separating the two gameplay ideas into into two separate modes. The set-piece mode is rather good, […]

experts and expertise

I want to talk about a couple of talks I attended at Agile 2009. Both relate to experts, expertise, and how one develops the latter to become the former. The first was given by Jon Dahl, on “Aristotle and the Art of Software Development”. You can see video and slides of an earlier delivery of […]

multiuser memorization

I’ve been using a program I wrote to help me memorize stuff (mostly Japanese vocabulary) for more than a year now. And for almost all of that time, I haven’t modified the program at all: I had plans right from the beginning to add multiuser support (if for no other reason than to make it […]

this is why you write the failing test first

I finished adding multiuser support to my memory project this weekend. I’d added the ability for users to log in and out while I was on vacation this summer, but I hadn’t actually linked up the users with their lists of items to memorize. The relevant models are a User model and an Item model. […]

random links: september 6, 2009

I mentioned Roger’s Operation KTHMA last time, but it’s actually started now and sounds awesome enough that I’ll mention it again: day 1, day 2, day 3. Our whole household was playing Bunni Game: How We First Met last week. (You should be able to see my world at this link.) Victorian Homes of the […]

art style: pictobits

Art Style: Pictobits is a funny mix for a puzzle game. Many puzzle games challenge you by throwing random input at you faster and faster until you break. (Tetris is a classic example.) And many puzzle games give you set-piece challenges that, while perhaps requiring some quick thinking and precision (and even having a bit […]

rhythm heaven

I feel like I should have more to say about Rhythm Heaven. It’s a rhythm game; I like rhythm games. It has quirky Japanese music and images; I like quirky Japanese music and images. It’s a small-scale experiment that was quite popular in Japan; I’m all for that sort of thing. But I don’t have […]

change of scene

One of the GDC sessions I attended this year was a charming panel discussion including, among other people, Steve Meretzky of Infocom fame. Which got me curious what he was up to these days—I don’t generally expect people from that era to still be active in the game industry—and was pleasantly surprised to find out […]