The one flaw I’m seeing so far in the Beatles game is its microphone support. I really want to try out the vocal harmonies, but I don’t have many suitable devices around the house: I have two Xbox headsets, but the game only supports USB mics, and I have a USB headset for Skype usage, but apparently that doesn’t qualify either. So the USB mic that I got with the original Rock Band seems to be the only device that I have that works with the game.

So I need two more mics; and I don’t want to have to hold them, so my wife and I can sing along while playing instruments. Does anybody have any recommendations on the topic? Honestly, what I’d find most ideal would be something like a USB headset except without the earphones, so the game would recognize it as a mic. But if there’s not anything available like that, then I guess a mic plus a stand would work okay. Wireless is nice but not a big deal, we sit pretty close to the TV and Xbox.

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