Plants vs. Zombies is a thoroughly delightful game about which, for better or for worse, I have very little to say. Despite not being a tower defense fan, I enjoyed the main gameplay mode: while I had my favorite tactics, it threw enough changes at me to keep me interested but not overwhelmed. The minigames allowed the game to experiment further, exposing me to more options; and, as I made it part way through the second story mode a second time, it continued to throw new wrinkles at me.

But what sets the game apart is the charming touches that are everywhere: the title, the art, the help screen, the descriptions in the almanac, the music video. Miranda was fascinated as soon as she saw it, and both she and Liesl have spent quite a bit of time with the game as well.

So I really wish that I had something deeper to say about the game! The fact that I don’t, though, is in no sense a criticism of the game (though perhaps it is a criticism of me): I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I spent with it.

(Random fact, just to make you jealous: over lunch on Mondays and Fridays at work, I play board games in a group that Dave Rohrl, the model for Crazy Dave in this game, organizes. Steve Meretzky is another regular participant.)

Not a lot out there about the game in the blogs, but some links:

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