As I mentioned previously, we’ve relaunched the Vintage Game Club under new game selection rules. And I’m very pleased with how it’s gone so far: after about a week of feeling out what games people might be interested in playing, two games emerged with champions, and in both cases we’ve had enough support that the games have been chosen.

So we’ll start playing Another World more or less immediately; we’re still deciding when to start Psychonauts, but it’s next in the queue, and (given Another World‘s short length) we’ll probably start it in a couple of weeks.

If either of those games strikes your interest, please join us! If they don’t, please suggest another game that does strike your interest! I’m looking forward to playing both of them, and I’m very grateful to the members for being willing to work with the new system and to AndrewArmstrong and oozo (and Michael, of course) for stepping up as our first champions!

(Side grumpiness: I would be even more excited about playing Another World if my Virtual Box installation of Windows actually worked acceptably. Fortunately, I have another couple of options for playing that game, but I’m wondering if I should break down and buy a cheap Windows PC for VGC purposes. At some point, I’ll buy a reasonably powerful desktop Mac that I’ll set up for dual booting, but I’m not planning to do that any time soon, especially since I just ordered my new computing device for the year…)

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