I don’t intend to do too much iPad blogging here, but a few experiences we’ve had recently:

  • Liesl’s dad visited us last month, and spent quite a lot of time playing with the iPad. He probably spent more time playing Flight Control HD than anything else, but he also clearly enjoyed using it for web surfing, and being able to hand it over to us to show us something he’d found. He doesn’t (I’m fairly sure) have a laptop, but he’s now thinking about getting an iPad.
  • Earlier this month the three of us spent a week at my parent’s house. I did bring along one of the laptops this time, but it never left my suitcase. This was also the first time I’ve turned on the 3G on the iPad, which was useful given that my parents don’t have WiFi. (But less useful than it could have been—I only had edge speeds in their cottage.)
  • Just now, Liesl’s mom and Liesl’s mom’s husband were visiting us. They’re planning to do a fair amount of traveling now that they’re retired, and were thinking of getting a laptop to take along with them; but they put the iPad through its paces and now seem to be leaning in that direction.

I’m now assuming that we’ll change from a two-laptop house to a one-laptop house once this laptop dies. (Though I’m also assuming that I’ll get a desktop machine to replace some of this laptop’s uses.) The iPad is just a lot nicer for most uses.

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