One of my favorite video game groups is the Video Games and Human Values Initiative, spearheaded by Roger Travis; in particular, I always look forward to the weekly VGHVI gaming nights. (Usually on Thursdays, though other nights are possible as well.)

We’d been coordinating our events through a Ning site; unfortunately, Ning has now decided to charge $20/month for the privilege of organizing events, which we thought was a bit much. So we’ve decided to move the VGHVI planning over to a blog, located at

So, if you’re interested in VGHVI events, please make sure that you’re subscribed there! (Or through one of the other ways that we publicize events.) And, if you’re not aware of VGHVI events, consider joining us! We’re doing a simultaneous play of Mass Effect this Thursday; it’s a really interesting way to experience a single player game.

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