Puzzle Agent HD is a thoroughly delightful game. The obvious comparison is to the Professor Layton: like that game, it’s full of quite good puzzles, like that game, it has a distinctive graphical style which works rather well. (Slightly less charming than Layton‘s style, and the delightful music is completely missing; but Layton is special, not everything has to live up to it.) And it definitely supports my belief that the iPad is an excellent gaming device: I’d rather play the game on the iPad than either a smaller touchscreen device or a larger non-touchscreen device

It’s quite a bit shorter than Professor Layton; I suspect it took me around three hours, though I wasn’t timing myself. Which, as it turns out, is just fine: in fact, it was a great break from the longer game that I’m playing right now, and it didn’t even think about starting to get tedious. Definitely more evidence that I should start seeking out shorter games: if there’s a game I’m curious about, and if it’s short, then why not just grab it right then and finish it over the next couple of evenings? It ended with a cliffhanger, and that’s fine: if Telltale can pop out episodes of this every few months, I’ll happily buy them every few months. (I hope the simplicity of the graphical style will help them keep up a frequent delivery schedule; I hope the game sells enough to support further episodes.) And it’s certainly gotten me curious about trying more of Telltale’s games.

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