I’ve been trying to figure out my reactions to Minecraft recently, and to that end I thought writing down some of my experiences would be useful. Useful to me, that is; quite possibly boring to y’all! So I decided to create another blog for that purpose, and to expand the purpose slightly to include narration of whatever game-related experiences I’m going through.

I don’t expect to put longer-form material there, or even particularly analytical material: I’d like to largely confine it to experience reports. I hope that those experience reports will lead to deeper dives here, however.

It’s at scenes.malvasiabianca.org—have a look. (Or don’t!) There’s not much there yet, but my guess is that what’s there now is representative enough of what its content will look like for the next few months.

(I’ll also use this as an occasion to plug my linkblog, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

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