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Archives for February, 2011

gdc 2011: monday

This year, unlike previous years, I’m taking notes in my iPad instead of in my notebook. That means that I can generally read my notes, which is good; but it also increases my tendency to just write down slides with minimal commentary, editing, or even formatting. (And I’m sure that amusing iPad autocorrects will slip […]

underscores and precedence in scala

At work recently, I was writing some code which wanted to add all the elements of a collection of strings to a document writer. This seemed like a classic case for foreach, so I wrote something like this: data.foreach(s => writer.addDocument(createDocument s)) (Warning: I’m typing this from memory, without trying it out in the Scala […]

my gdc 2011 schedule

For all you stalkers out there, here’s my best guess at my GDC 2011 schedule. And clearly I should bring snacks, it’s not at all clear that I’ll be able to eat lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday… Please say hi if you’re there and run into me! Monday 10:00am: “Creating Your Building Blocks: Modular […]

game blogging and description

Ben’s latest post starts with a lament on the lack of blogging about multiplayer games (which I agree with; I hope Ashelia resurrects Hellmode soon, she had some great posts on multiplayer gaming), and then continues with (competitive) multiplayer gaming has been hard to talk about unless you are something akin to a top-tier player. […]

a few early scala notes

I haven’t started programming Scala in earnest yet, though I’ve been going through some books and typed a bit into the interpreter. (Whee, JVM startup times.) I had the Odersky book recommended to me, but I actually first read the PragProg book: I’ve had good luck with some of their books recently, it’s quite a […]

job search and narrative

Beginnings As soon as Disney’s acquisition of Playdom closed, e-mails from recruiters started appearing regularly in my inbox. Most of them I essentially ignored: I’d been having a great time at Playdom, and while I didn’t expect to stay there for the six years that I’d stayed in my previous job, I certainly wasn’t planning […]

game dev story

Last month, it seemed like most of my twitter feed (especially the game developers in it!) was playing Game Dev Story, so I decided to give it a try last week. And it’s certainly addictive; I spent more time playing it than I’d like to admit, and while I was getting a little bored with […]

iphone noby noby boy

I wanted to like the iPhone version of Noby Noby Boy. Not out of any particular fondness for the PS3 version, but because I think Katamari Damacy is one of the most wonderful games of all time. Sadly, I do not find either variant of Noby Noby Boy to be one of the most wonderful […]

dragon age: origins

So. Dragon Age: Origins. I’m a pretty big BioWare fan, though more on their action RPG side: Jade Empire was the game where I fell in love with them, and of their two recent games, it’s not due to chance that I played Mass Effect 2 first. But I enjoy their games in general, and […]

joining sumo logic

If you’ve been wondering at the slow pace of updates here, part of the reason is that a low-key job search suddenly got a lot hotter over the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, it’s over now: I’ll be joining Sumo Logic on February 21st. More info to come eventually…