Another way to look at what I was saying yesterday about Tiny Wings: the game says that your actions matter (even if those “actions” consist solely of deciding when to touch the screen!), that they’re worth focusing on and honing, and the game goes to quite some length to actively support you in that journey. In fact, Tiny Wings, despite its single-button controls, rather reminds me of Rock Band 3 in that regard: as I’ve said before, Rock Band 3 concentrates wonderfully on small segments of gameplay, saying that getting them right is worth striving towards, and helping you do just that.

I also want to use this as an excuse to plug Pippin Barr’s blog inininoutoutout. He talks about learning a lot: most recently in his extolling GIRP, but also in his advocacy of Skate 3. I really have to play that game at some point: the only thing that’s holding me back is that I’m still immersed in Minecraft and Rock Band 3, and if I were to add Skate 3 to that list, I probably wouldn’t be able to find time to play another video game for all of 2011…

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