I had the pleasure of taking part in a couple of podcast appearances recently. Specifically:

I appeared on the CDC podcast talking about GDC. A very pleasant conversation, I quite enjoyed chatting with the other guests, and Eric did a great job editing the audio for this one.

And I appeared on Playable Character, talking about Minecraft. You should subscribe to this podcast whether or not you have any interest in hearing my less-than-dulcet tones, because it’s the most interesting video game podcast that I’m aware of since A Life Well Wasted. It’s run by the First Wall Rebate folks, but rather than taking the conversational format that dominates the genre, they interview people, encouraging them to monologue, and edit down the resulting audio to get at the heart of what the guests were saying. I certainly enjoyed being part of it, and Shane did a great job of taking most of an hour of me blathering away and picking out interesting bits.

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