There are enough posts on this blog (this will be number 1144) that I’ve long since lost track of them. For most of them, that’s fine (actually, for most of them, forgetting is probably an act of mercy), but there are some posts that capture ideas that I still refer to occasionally, and I’m sure there are other posts that I would be happy to refer to if I remembered they existed.

So I was thinking it’s time for me to go back through the blog archives, to see what I uncover. I’m curious, though, are there blog posts that y’all would recommend that I include in any sort of “greatest hits” survey? If so, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment on this post. Don’t bother with digging up the specific blog post if you don’t feel like it: if you just list the topic, I should be able to dig up the post in question.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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