Our current TV is really showing its age, so I’m planning to buy a TV next week; any advice, whether about specific models or attributes to look out for or good places to go for reviews or good places to buy them from? I imagine I’ll spend less than a thousand dollars on the TV, the place it will fit is approximately 47 inches wide, it’ll get used for TV, video games, and movies. I’ve been assuming I’ll buy a receiver at the same time (our current setup is from before the HDMI era), though one of my coworkers today was arguing that receivers aren’t necessary today, that you can do enough switching between devices and driving of speakers (of which we have 5 + subwoofer) from your TV; is that true? (For what it’s worth, I’ll have 4 HDMI devices that I want to plug into it, and that will probably change to 5 within the next couple of years.) Also, currently I use optical audio cables; has HDMI rendered that obsolete, or are there good audio protocols that travel over optical cables but not over HDMI? Anything I should be asking about but am not?

Any advice is appreciated.

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