Here’s my best guess at my schedule for GDC 2012. Please say hi if you see me; and I have no current plans for lunch on any of the days or dinner on Wednesday or Friday. (I’ll only be there for the main conference, I’m skipping the first two days.)


9:00am: Flash Forward

11:00am: Margaret Robinson, The Gamification of Death

12:30pm: Lunch

2:00pm: Alexander Lucas, The Automation Trap and how BioWare Engineers Quality

I’m not super excited about that one, so I might go to the Game Design Challenge instead.

3:30pm: Eric Zimmerman, Let the Games Be Games: Aesthetics, Instrumentalization & Game Design

5:00pm: Randy Smith, Landing On Mars: Our Rocky Path to Inventing New Gameplay

Evening: Might stop by the Playdom party.


10:00am: Timothy Cain, Classic Game Postmortem: Fallout

11:30am: Yasuhiro Wada, Classic Game Postmortem: Harvest Moon

1:00pm: Lunch

2:30pm: Adriana Lopez, Ownership – Dragon Age Style

4:00pm: GDC Microtalks 2012


10:00am: George Fan, How I Got My Mom to Play through Plants vs. Zombies

11:30am: BURN THIS MOTHERFATHER! Game Dev Parents Rant

1:00pm: Lunch

2:30pm: Jamie Griesemer, Design in Detail

4:00pm: Andy Nealen, Minimal vs Elaborate, Simple vs Complex and the Space Between

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