10000000 is one of the many match 3 variants to have popped up over the last few years, along with Puzzle Quest (and its sequels) and Triple Town. Like those other games, it’s surprisingly good, but it’s the weakest of the trio: the gameplay doesn’t have nearly the conceptual depth of Triple Town, and the RPG trappings don’t add to either the gameplay or the game length the way they do for Puzzle Quest. 10000000‘s schtick isn’t so much its RPG trappings as its Cannabalt-esque leanings; that’s a genre I don’t enjoy as much, and like the last game I played in that genre, Jetpack Joyride, I went through several hours spread over maybe three days where I played a fair amount of 10000000, and then I had no trouble stopping when the leveling up motivation stopped.

Still, those were good hours. And I liked the length of individual bouts more than I did in other Cannabalt-esque games. Liesl is still playing 10000000; it wouldn’t surprise me if I were also to pick it up occasionally in stray moments over the next few months.

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