On the Sunday before GDC this year, I spent the first half of the afternoon up at a chocolate festival, and the evening playing the Battlestar Galactica board game with some fellow GDC-attending friends. (Or at least they were friends before we started playing!) That left me with some free time in San Francisco in the second half of the afternoon.

Conveniently, a coworker of mine, Chuck Clanton, was having a show that afternoon, so I went by there. And I’m very glad I did: I like both chocolate and board games more than most people, but his show was amazing. So, some pictures, only nine months late!


Pieta, made from fired ceramic.


An alabaster sculpture. This might be called ‘Sorrow’, or it might be unnamed, my notes aren’t clear.


I didn’t catch the name of this one; I wish I’d taken pictures of it from more angles…


Reclining Nude, made from statuario marble.


Torn Asunder, made from carerra marble.


A closeup on one of the faces from Torn Asunder.


Larger and smaller versions of a piece called Supplicant, made from statuario marble.


Contemplation (Male), made from fired ceramic with a metal patina.


I didn’t catch the name of this one; a statue of a woman reclining on a bench outside.


A closeup on the woman’s torso.


And a closeup on her face.


A panel outside; I didn’t catch the name of this one, either.


Two figures on the ground outside.


Here’s a better view of the figure on the left.


A female bust.


And a male bust.


Here’s a statue that’s still in progress.


Inside Chuck’s workshop.


That’s Chuck on the left, talking to some of the guests.


This piece is actually by Chuck’s teacher Harriet Moore; it’s called Dante’s Inferno, and is made from fired ceramic.

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