Threes! is both adorable and, I suspect, pretty good. A similar sort of combining mechanism to Triple Town, but with shorter games that fit into my day better, and a bit less aggressive randomness. (I gather a sign of being good at Triple Town is enjoying the bears, finding that you get a lot of money out of them; I’m not there yet.) I’m fairly sure there are still several layers of strategy/tactics that I haven’t yet uncovered, though it’s a little hard to say from where I’m sitting.

Not much to say beyond that. It’s, uh, a metaphor for code hygiene? I wish the loading times weren’t so glacial? The art / music / sounds / motion really is adorable? (Except that the last upgrade seems to have broken sounds / music for me, at least some of the time.) It’s good enough at sucking up time that I should probably move it off of my home screen?

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