I set up OCTGN on Wine on a new computer in preparation for this week’s VGHVI session; I was following these helpful instructions, which have worked for me in the past.

Unfortunately, I ran into a weird problem: OCTGN would start with its normal “Loading OCTGN” screen, but then instead of showing me the normal game window when that was done, it would show me a black rectangle.

I tried it out on the other machine when I’d previously had OCTGN installed that way, and I got pretty much the same symptoms. Though on that machine, it took longer, since it spent some time updating OCTGN, and there was a popup that briefly showed up that gave me a clue as to what was going on.

So, the short version: if this happens to you, edit the OCTGN settings (probably in ~/OCTGN/Config/settings.json) to set the property IgnoreSSLCertificates to true. Here’s a line to add:

"IgnoreSSLCertificates": true,

(or, if you put it at the bottom, then put the comma at the end of the previous line instead of that line).

Once I did that, OCTGN came up as expected; I haven’t actually tried playing a game, but I’m assuming that that works. (Though I brought my VirtualBox Windows installation up to date just in case…) But I figured I might as well write a post about it, in case it helps anybody else googling for solutions to that problem.

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