Earlier this summer, I stopped my playthrough of BioShock because, frankly, I was getting angry at the game. I didn’t want to spend my time going through grandiose facilely unreflective morality plays: I wanted to play games that were more closely crafted. I’d seen screenshots of Monument Valley and heard good things about it: I was quite optimistic that I would feel a lot better playing through it than continuing through BioShock.

And I was right. I mean, I don’t know that I was right, because I didn’t run the experiment of continuing through BioShock, but I do know that spending a couple of hours on Monument Valley was a thoroughly enjoyable palate cleanser, just what I needed at the time. (And it would have been quite enjoyable even if my palate hadn’t needed cleansing.)

Not that I have much to say about Monument Valley: I partially blame my not mentioning it until now on my lack of energy this summer, but only partially. I think I have a post touching on puzzle games lurking in my head, and hopefully it will make it out soon, but it’s not out yet, and I suspect Monument Valley won’t be the most relevant game even to that post. So, I’ll just say: if you’ve seen screenshots from the game, you know whether or not you’ll like the visual aesthetics of the game, and I enjoyed the puzzles as well. More of this, please.

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