Captain Toad was the first Wii U game that caught my eye: it sounded like a well-done, charming puzzle game that was different enough mechanically to be interesting. I didn’t actually buy a Wii U then, but when I finally picked one up for Splatoon, I also got a copy of Captain Toad.

And I’ve played it, and it’s fun! But not super wonderful, and it went on a bit long. It felt to me like an idea that would be better suited as an iPad game instead of an on-disc console game: like Lare Croft Go but with higher production values.

Not really much to say about it: it’s a solid basic design, and they did a good job with the optional goals, letting me decide how obsessively I wanted to investigate each level. But in retrospect definitely not a reason for me to get the console, either.

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