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I was listening to a podcast interview with Kent Beck on the way home today, and he was (of course) talking about taking small steps when programming. And it got me thinking: I’ve gotten stuck in a rut where my posts usually are around 1500 words and take a week or more to write. There’s nothing wrong with posts like that; but it also means that I’m feeling reluctant to write about a topic if I don’t feel like I have an idea that’s at least somewhat thought out? Sometimes I feel a similar reluctance when programming, and taking smaller steps is the answer there; it’s probably a good answer here, too.

On a related note, I’ve abandoned a few posts over the last year, because they weren’t coming together as a coherent whole; I never used to do that. And the thing is, there were seeds of ideas in those posts, they weren’t complete crap; I should expose those seeds, I think? For that matter, part of me actually feels like 1500 words is too small: I feel like, if I can get all of those seeds out there, then I might be able to put together a bigger picture?

Six years back, when Jordan hit 1000 posts, he mentioned some advice that I’d apparently once given him, to have low standards for what qualifies as a blog post. Probably time for me to take past me’s advice…

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