An occasional reminder of the various places that I put stuff. This blog is for longer-form stuff; you know about it, since you’re here! I have a Twitter account, @davidcarlton, low volume. (Maybe one tweet a day on average?) I have a Tumblr that I use solely for links to stuff, malvasian links. (I cap it at 4 links a day, but it rarely gets that high.) And I have another blog, Malvasian Scenes, that started out as game play diary experiences, and now is once-a-week notes on Tai Chi / Nei Gong and once-a-month pictures from VGHVI Minecraft. I can’t imagine that that last one is of interest to much of anybody, the Tai Chi notes in particular are really just notes to myself.

(Speaking of the VGHVI, if you want to talk about video games once or twice a month and if you’ve had any contact with me at all, let me know and I’ll invite you to the VGHVI Discord.)

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