I don’t have a ton to say about The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: it’s a Phoenix Wright game, and it’s a quite good one. I think, mechanically, it’s probably the best of the series? The rough edges have been filed off (while still leaving you with plenty to figure out), the additions that they’ve kept from previous games are good ones, and the new stuff that’s been added is quite solid.

And it’s a solid cast of characters. A pleasant enough main character and assistant; Herlock Sholmes and his daughter give a nice comedy break (and also a rather good / amusing new mechanic); and of course there’s a prosecutor to win over.

Having said that: Phoenix and Edgeworth were really quite special, and Maya was pretty neat, too. And I don’t think that the characters and pairings in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles quite reach that level?

Anyways: a solid entry in a solid series. It doesn’t quite put together the magic of the original trilogy, but very few games do; it’s as good as any game in the series since then, and better than most.

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