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puzzle agent 2 hd

I have basically nothing to say about Puzzle Agent 2 HD. It’s like the first Puzzle Agent, which in turn is like a somewhat less charming and noticeably shorter Professor Layton: a strong lineage, and a pleasant way to have spent five hours or so, but not something which has shaped my thinking in any […]

text adventuring on the ipad

I played through Planetfall recently (still an amazing game, about which more later); but, before doing so, I had to decide what platform to play it on, given the plethora of Z-Machine interpreters. And I decided to give Frotz on the iPad a try. That was an experiment, but not a particularly eccentric one: I […]

puzzle agent hd

Puzzle Agent HD is a thoroughly delightful game. The obvious comparison is to the Professor Layton: like that game, it’s full of quite good puzzles, like that game, it has a distinctive graphical style which works rather well. (Slightly less charming than Layton‘s style, and the delightful music is completely missing; but Layton is special, […]