The DVR developed a new failure mode yesterday – it forgot the TV schedule for the next week and all the recordings we had scheduled. Sigh. Electronics are getting too complicated these days. There is an update for the software available for it; it doesn’t say anything about that problem (or the DVR strange recording / crashing problem I’ve had), but maybe it fixes it anyways.

And when I went out jogging with the iPod yesterday, it skipped over several of the songs. Googling suggests that carrying it in your hand or on an armband will cause it to skip less. I guess it had the first several songs in its buffer, but then didn’t like the jostling so it refused to read further songs until I paused (and eventually held it in my hand). Fortunately, holding it in my hand is comfortable enough.

And now Mulder is gone. Various Hudson trades had been bandered about, but this one was a total shock. I’m still not giving up hope for next year – Rich Harden was starting to look quite good last year, and our hitting and relief pitching will probably be better than last year, but it’s a downer nonetheless.

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