I hope that Atlanta fans are happy right now; I’m certainly not. Was that really the best we could get for Tim Hudson? Was that really better than keeping him around for another year, or for that matter signing him long-term? Sigh. (And the Yankees seem to have wriggled out from under the Jaret Wright signing.)

When importing stuff on the iPod yesterday, it imported the first song at high speed, then slowed to a crawl for the rest. At about the time that it slowed to a crawl, the fan turned on. (Well, one of them – I was afraid that one was busted, but both seem to be working today, so maybe the machine doesn’t always turn both on.) So my theory is that some power management stuff kicked in to lower the processor speed. And, actually, I’d been thinking the computer was slow ever since I upgraded to Fedora Core 2; I’d been blaming that on the upgrade (maybe the new version of Galeon is slower, or something), but maybe something weird is going on with power management. Anyways, when I rebooted the computer I told it to always leave the CPU at full speed when the machine is plugged in; maybe that will help. I haven’t imported anything since then, but my web browsing today does seem speedier.

Though there is a new iPod down side – I listened to it while jogging yesterday, which was great, except that the last song on the album (Beatles for Sale, which like their other early albums isn’t too impressive) didn’t play: it showed up in the track listing, but when I tried to play it, the iPod just ended the album. When I looked at it under iTunes, it seemed fine, and would play, but obviously something went wrong. Anyways, I deleted it on the iPod and told iTunes to resync, and now it seems to play fine. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for this sort of thing in the future; maybe I somehow wasn’t careful when disconnecting the iPod once?

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