E3 is over now. The PS3 looks good; presumably somewhat more powerful than the Xbox 360, but it’s hard to say for sure, and some of the ways in which Sony is promoting its graphical superiority seem, honestly, kind of silly. It can connect to two TV’s? It can do 1080p, not just 1080i and 720p? Big whoop; when I have two 1080p TV’s around, then I’ll care about that, but not before.

Nintendo is disappointing, though. They always downplay the power of their technology (and I don’t understand why: Gamecube games really do look better than PS2 games, but you’d never know it listening to them), but now they seem to be giving up completely on that front. Innovation is all well and good, but I just don’t see them as coming up with any great ideas that are so strong as to offset plain old processing and graphics power. Maybe their new console will end up more powerful than they’re currently claiming, but I’m not optimistic.

It is cool that they’ll enable you to play games from all their previous consoles on it. (And it’s great that the PS3 will be backward compatible all the way back to the PS1.) But games these days are a lot better than games from a couple of generations ago, and I’ve already played most of the famous NES and SNES games in remakes, so I don’t see that making a big practical difference.

Not too much in the way of interesting game announcements. The new Zelda looks great, but we already knew that. I continue to look forward to Okami. Really, it was all about technology this time; and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m looking forward to the next generation of consoles, even if I don’t quite know what I’ll be playing while waiting for them to come out…

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