My overheating theory sounded plausible, but it isn’t holding up too well: I’ve seen more memory complaints at boot, including complaints when the computer was turned on for the first time in the day.

For a while, I hoped that only one of the DIMMs was problematic, but that theory isn’t holding up too well, either: one might be worse, but I did get a memtest error on the other DIMM. It did take 35 minutes of running memtest to get an error to manifest itself with that DIMM, but one error is one error too many.

I’m not sure what the next step is. The computer works well enough that I would like to fix it, but the problems are intermittent enough that I’m not sure I trust anybody to fix it: it seems a lot more likely to me that I’ll ship it off, spend a hundred bucks, get it back a week or two later, and it will still have problems. (Or that they’ll want to replace the entire motherboard, at which point it will be expensive enough that maybe I’ll want to replace the whole thing instead.) I might just buy a new computer; I’m not sure exactly what I want out of a computer right now, though…

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